Moving Company Western MA and Nearby Area

All Points Movers, LLC is built on a foundation of experience. Our management team includes 3 generations of movers and a tradition of professionalism and quality. We’re family owned and operated because our team is a family. As the senior team leaders, the skills we bring to the organization are not of the operational variety. We must leave that to the younger men. Our responsibilities focus on four key elements:
  1. Organizational–build a team with the best talent we can find. Have strong controls and a conservative structure.
  2. Put the technology in place that gives our team a competitive advantage.
  3. Train and motivate the team members to achieve their maximum potential.
  4. Pursue a growth that will accommodate the needs of evolving team members.

The Team

Moving Company Western MAOur bench of moving specialists is deep. The specialists enjoy their work, they are conscientious, and they show up every day. They work very hard, sometimes in extreme conditions. Their friendly and courteous personalities will put you at ease. Their attention to detail and the careful manner they move your belongings will gain your trust. Their knowledge enthusiasm and work ethic will exceed your expectations. They have character, are proud of their accomplishments, and want to be your mover. As proof of our commitment to you, I offer 2014 team member initiatives:

How Can We Best Serve Our Customers?

  • Research and adopt the best industry practices.
  • Use floor runners, door jams, and railing protection. No scuffs, rubs, or dirt on the floor. No nicks on the walls, railings, banisters, or door jams. That’s attention to detail.
  • Keep furniture pads fresh and clean. The homeowner will appreciate it.
  • Adhere to industry statistics which indicate if you soft-pad the furniture and shrink-wrap the upholstery while it is still in the house (before it is put on the truck), related damages can be avoided.
  • Utilize the “cell-pack” technique when packing fragile dishes, glassware, or collectibles. It is the only method authorized by the largest shipper in the world, the US Department of Defense. The facts speak for themselves. Use it or be sorry.
  • Keep trucks clean inside and out. Square away the pads. Tie down the equipment. Keep it ship-shape just like you do your uniforms. Look sharp, feel sharp, and be sharp. Demonstrate your professionalism at all times. Your customers are watching and they will appreciate it.
  • A happy, satisfied client who fondly recalls the “moving experience” and is happy to refer us to others is our most valuable asset. Without that, we will not prosper.